VIDEO: Theological Perspectives

Leadership shares how God is at work through the historical audit process.

By Nicole Pride and Eric Rasmussen

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From the Board of Trustees to faculty to administrators, many members of the Seminary community have contributed a range of unique perspectives about what the historical audit has meant to them as well as to the campus. View these excerpts of conversations to get a sense of the many voices in our community (also, hear from students).

…that is what has been enriching for me, to have people from a wide spectrum to indeed have a voice in what is happening here…”

John White, dean of student life and vice president for student relations

I have to always speak from my own place which is white, female, and privileged…For all of us, regardless of what that “place” is, we need to take inventory of how this situation impacts us and also implicates us…”

Sally Brown, Elizabeth M. Engle Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship

It’s really a controversy about how to read Scripture.”

Gordon Mikoski, associate professor of Christian education

As a trustee I wonder as we think about our history, as we look at the present and plan for the future what does that mean in terms of thinking about our strategic planning, the work that we do, and how do we reconcile the exclusions that have happened throughout history?”

Karen Jackson-Weaver, member of Princeton Seminary Board of Trustees

NICOLE PRIDE is the editor of GATHER and director of communication and marketing at Princeton Theological Seminary. ERIC RASMUSSEN is the media operations coordinator.


The Seminary hosted more than 20 events to engage the campus in reflection and conversation throughout the 2018–19 academic year