ANIMATION: Princeton Seminary and Slavery

Four brief episodes give an overview of the historical audit report.

Animated by Nate Milton

animation princeton seminary and slavery

The historical audit report is the culmination of two years of research to determine the Seminary’s ties to slavery. View the brief animations below to get an overview of the main findings.

For an in-depth account, please read the full report at

Episode 1: Princeton Seminary and Its Ties to Slavery
Episode 2: American Colonization Society
Episode 3: Alumni Opinion and Action
Episode 4: Confession and Repentance

Freelance animator NATE MILTON has created and produced a series for Facebook Watch, as well as directed work for HBO and NPR. Four of his short films have become Vimeo Staff Picks.


Listen to an excerpt from Rev. Gee’s “Black Like Me” podcast

The Seminary hosted more than 20 events to engage the campus in reflection and conversation throughout the 2018–19 academic year