Setting the Stage for
Food, Fellowship

From the food preparation to the last morsel of each meal, the people of Princeton Seminary are in community at Mackay dining hall.

Co-Directed by Nicole Pride and Eric Rasmussen

As a central gathering place for students, faculty, and staff, the dining hall is a transformative space at Princeton Seminary. God is visible every day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. God’s presence can be seen when a professor chats with a mentee, a group of colleagues make time for a meal and banter, dining staff dish out pleasantries at the food counter, and even when a student chooses to study in solitude. The mix of experiences could not take place without an entire team of dedicated staff who help to create community, and three of them were recently interviewed.

Mealtime Gatherings Give a Glimpse of God

by Nathan Stucky

nathan stuckyIt seems to me that food is a thread within the Christian learning community that is Princeton Theological Seminary. If you’re willing to pull that thread, it leads to countless corners of our shared communal life.

Food leads us to Mackay dining hall. It leads us to the communion table in Miller Chapel. It leads to countless kitchens and dining rooms in apartments and homes around campus. It points us also to the core of the Judeo-Christian theological tradition.  

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NICOLE PRIDE is the editor of GATHER and director of communication and marketing at Princeton Theological Seminary. ERIC RASMUSSEN is the media operations coordinator.